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The earliest known Shillakers came from the East Midlands of England, in the area between Oakham, Rutland in the west and Peterborough, Northamptonshire in the east. Of course earlier Shillakers may have come from other parts of the country, particularly if they changed the spelling of their name.


Until the mid-nineteenth century, Shillakers were centred on Oakham, Rutland and Market Deeping, Lincolnshire. Since then most families have moved south: to London, Essex, Wiltshire, and Sussex; and one north: to Yorkshire. In the early twentieth century, to our knowledge a Shillaker moved to the USA and one to Australia: several have gone abroad and returned. More recently, Shillakers have lived in the Thames Valley, Lincolnshire and the West Country.


Shillakers have traditionally been farmers and shopkeepers. In Market Deeping alone in 1881 there were three substantial farmers, a grocer, a baker and draper: all Shillakers. The most notable exception to this 'capitalist' trend was of course the famous City of London branch of the family. James, originally from Hambleton, Rutland, and his son James Frederick were a police officer and Labour MP respectively.

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